Tuesday, 26 February 2013

It's official! Hebridean Pursuits Winter Courses are better than the Brits Award!!

An email from a school teacher made me very proud. Good to hear that the kids prefer winter mountaineering to media hype!

Thanks to Alison for sending the quote on to us!

Dear Andy,
Just had to send you this quote! Julia Brown (- girl who won the cereal box 
competition !) was at the Brit awards in London this week + I went to speak to 
her regi class about writing an article about the Winter Skills weekend. Ed 
suggested I ask her why she was looking so tired. Turns out she had been to the 
Brit awards but she said ( in all seriousness ) 'it didn't top Winter Skills' 
!!!! I think there must be a potential marketing opportunity here for you -  
'Winter Skills - better than the Brits !!' Thought you'd like this. 
Hope all well with you. 
Can u send me dates for next year again as I have deleted other e mail by 

Best wishes,