Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dun Caan. Sunshine on Raasay's summit.

After a day instructing coasteering skills I headed off for a wander up Dun Caan, Raasay's highest hill. From Skye it looks like a table top and it is flat as a pancake. A short ramble over the moors along a distinct path leads to the craggy summit. The views from the top of Dun Caan over to Skye were tremendous. The hills were clear of cloud,  the sun shone and the sea twinkled in the evening light. A true Hebridean spring day. This feeling can only be experienced and once experienced it is never forgotten. After 24 years of working and travelling in the Hebrides I still have to pinch myself that I live and work in the most beautiful part of the World. It is such a privilege.