Thursday, 2 May 2013

Purple in the Pentland Hills Today

It's a long way from Oban to Edinburgh for a relatively short meeting or two, yet today the drive was wonderful, quiet on the roads and the country side was delightful to pass through. The hills are still bleached and parched and the ground is so dry, [well it was until the heavens opened this evening on the way back to Oban]. Snow still hangs on stubbornly in the central highlands. A slight detour towards the Pentland Hills on my retreat from the capital was a rather pleasant decision. I had never really taken much notice of this modest ridge line of fells and I am regretting that. They are beautiful. Magenta and mauve bathed the hill side and the sound of new born lambs echoed in the deep corries. The small cold grey lochs hissed with the firm breeze that weaved through the glens and the occasional Lark made assumptions it is spring. A brief wander with the dog has developed a curiosity to traverse the ridge back one day. I expect on ski would be the way to tackle them. An industrial grey cloak has descended on Oban this evening, Scotland Outside is not so charming just now.