Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Technical Advice and instructor training in the Meig Gorge.

On Monday I was back in the Meig Gorge working for Hebridean Pursuits, working as TA to Boots and Paddles.  Last November I descended this pleasant gorge for the first time. I must be jinxed as it was hammering down with snow as I drove to Strathconon. Snow lay on the road and the hills looked plastered above Fort William, summer skiing might happen yet! Though not as cold in the water as last November the temperature still has not risen enough to warm up the dark pools and rapids for swimming in and down! My newly repaired Rubber Man dry suit was, it has to be said a bonus!  A constructive day looking at a variety of skills and scenarios and few new ways of working with their clients for the instructors on the training day.