Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A cold yet colorful day in the hills on The Isle of Mull today

Today I was over on the Isle of Mull working out at Tavool House Outdoor Centre. It was a really beautiful day on Mull. The fresh snow contrasted with the low angle of sunlight and dominant cloud formations which carried heavy and aggressive hail showers. Hebridean Pursuits season is coming to an end on Mull and their 25th winter instructional season is about to begin. Patience is required for the winter to really kick in but the early snow always creates an expectation of excitement and work in the mountains and for the adventures to come. A few folk have been out scratching around on climbs over in the Cairngorms and deep accumulations of snow are lying above 700 m on allot of the west coast hills. I could see snow on Ben Nevis from the tops of Mull today, so time to sharpen ice axes, break out the big boots and dust off the skis.

Early morning in the Glen Forsa hills.

Ben More with a dusting of fresh snow.

Ben More and A'Chioch from Loch Scridain.

The Sound of Mull and Morven behind.