Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fresh snow in the Galloways, Arran plastered, clear and crisp in the Trossachs.

Over the last couple of days I have been working down in and admiring the often forgotten and underestimated hills of Dumfriesshire and I also enjoyed an early winter high pressure window of warmth in the Trossachs area. It has been really beautiful in both counties. I woke this morning by the side of Loch Ken to an arctic scene of thick frost on the windscreen and sunlight pouring through the trees into my van. Driving back up to Irvine the Galloways were plastered in new snow and Arran looked majestic across the sea with a white cloak of pristine snow. It all tantalizes and teases the winter mountaineer in me. I watch and wait with excitement as the winter develops although it is a predictable battle of weather at the time of the year. If the new snow that was falling above Tyndrum whilst driving home tonight is an indicator it could be excellent.

Above Glen Ample.

The Galloways.

High above Strathyre.

Scruffy Dog Creations hat ready for winter by Loch Ken this morning.