Sunday, 10 November 2013

Crystal clear on the West Coast of Scotland this weekend. Coasteering, Climbing, skiing and Sea Kayaking.

What a weekend for being outside in Scotland. Fresh snow glistened high on the islands and in the highlands, the sun shone for hours on the coastline and the sea was really warm to be in. Something for everyone to experience today. When Scotland is as pristine as this there is no where finer to experience the outdoors. I was working for Hebridean Pursuits. We were running an annual adventure weekend for George Heriot's School pupils. Coasteering and climbing were are the agenda. Over the weekend the well attended Storm Gathering Sea kayaking event took place in Oban, but due to the calm conditions not much storm but allot of learning and coaching was on offer! Folk have been out sea kayaking, skiing and ski touring, walking and mountaineering and some have found mixed winter climbs to enjoy, although the turf and ground is still too warm for most mixed routes to not be damaged. Adventures are to be had throughout Scotland in all conditions. Imagination is the only limit to the quest for adventurous experiences. One thing is for sure the weather will change again and another set of skills will be employed to deal with what is thrown at us. But tonight the warm glow and slight sun burn on my face is enough to bring a large smile to my face. Until the next adventure.....

One of our instructors Chris Saunders with Mull in the background whilst Coasteering today.

Mull from Oban.

Morven enjoying some dry rock on Saturday.

The pupils having a blast at Seil Island today in a sweet swell.

Saying hello to some kayakers.