Monday, 3 February 2014

Another few days of wild weather at work in the mountains.

The last three days have been challenging high up in the mountains. The warm front has brought allot of rain today but over the weekend it snowed heavily again above 600 m. With a combination of 75 mph winds and driving snow it was at times brutal to be on the summits. In between the gusts it was extremely beautiful. A lull tomorrow and then another front will hurtle in form the south. Having said all that we have had some fantastic clients on a variety of skills courses and they have really had a blast. Check out Face Book page Hebridean Pursuits to see what we have been up to in detail. It goes without saying or it should,it is pretty tricky to walk in the knee deep snow at present and the avalanche hazards are high. Without an understanding of appropriate route choice or employing a qualified instructor or guide the hills are potentially dangerous at present. Please be careful out there.