Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Back to School! Tom and Richard's annual climbing course adventures.

Back to school! Leading, placing gear, building anchors and efficiency of movement were the themes of today on School House Ridge grade II. We were lucky enough to have some fabulous views today from the ridge which was plastered with snow. So rock and snow were utilized for anchors. There were a few folk out and some turned back on realizing this ridge is a climb not a walk, big respect to them as it is never easy retreating past others. Good to see Donald King descending out of the mist with a party after traversing the classic horse circuit. It is always pleasing to meet other instructors and guides working in similar areas. Tonight the weather is to change for the worse again, so watch out as the snow will become very wet indeed tomorrow and there are some very large cornices just itching to break off! We are out again tomorrow but tomorrow is another day!