Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Red Campion Gully. A good old fashioned winter adventure.

Here are a few images of the esoteric Red Campion Gully 300 m grade II we climbed in and around yesterday. I say around because the huge amount of snow in the gully line was rapidly becoming increasingly unstable. We encountered unprotected waterfall and rock sections, steep [just] frozen turf and copious amounts of deep snow. After about 200 m we escaped due to the fresh blown snow creating wind slab and on pitch three a small slab was triggered leaving a crown wall of about 8 inches high, it certainly gave a brief cause for concern. After which we climbed up on the small ridges lines that abound the face. After making an assessment of time and conditions under foot [very slow] we made an abseil off a good block and descended to easier ground as the weather increased in intensity and the snow fell hard to road level. A good old fashion day out or mountaineering and scratching around new areas. Please be careful out there at present and in the days to come. There is so much snow up there and it is building on all aspects. We thought a SE aspect would have been somewhat less troublesome but the wind has been depositing the snow in every aspect. Just shows it is only when you are there that you can really make the right choices on the best way to proceed and or escape.