Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Leave No Trace!

' Wood Gas' stove, very efficient little stove, all you need are twigs!
Leave no trace, by using a fire mound and ground cloth, simple ideas are the best!

Miles demonstrating the fire mound and ground cloth.

Yesterday i attended a 'Leave no trace' course, headed up by Miles Farnbank. I was not sure what to expect for a whole day of 'how to poo in the woods' and 'not burn them down', but i am glad to say it was really excellent and very informative. The basics of respecting and using the environment were covered well and the practical session on environmentally respectful fire making was really useful, however i have come away wanting to buy new toys!

We covered the access code in relation to Leaving no trace, pooing in a variety of geographic locations and responsible camping practice.
After twenty years of working in the outdoor industry and trying to act responsibly in our fragile environment it was good to realise that most of what we have been teaching / demonstrating has Been not too harmful.

We all have a huge responsibility as outdoor professional to 'leave no trace', these courses are a welcome starting point to achieving better practice.

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