Monday, 16 February 2009

So much snow in the Cairngorms! Feb 14th and 15th 09.

On Saturday Andy and Scott went back country riding, after skinning up Cairngorm and traversing over the northern corries, we skied and rode the full length of Lurchers Gully, almost back to the car park! The snow was heavy going, thawing and deep stream beds opening up. Scott had bought some new snow shoes for this trip, the MSR shoes worked really well in the deep snow pack, we saw other parties out on Snow shoe also, a rare site for Scotland. The skiing and boarding was not elegant, but what a blast! I have never seen so many folk queuing for shuttle buses for the piste, we Had the whole area to ourselves, long live touring! It is perhaps lucky that Lurchers never opened up as another pisted area, these rare adventures are what Scotland is all about.

On Sunday Gill and Dave ascended Cairngorm by ski from the Ciste carpark and had the whole hill to them selves, the snow pack was even wetter on their return, burning thigh muscles was the result!

Driving home to the west the clag was down and the temperature had risen to 12 degrees, perhaps we are returning to a more normal winter for a while, which would be a shame the Norwegian -esk conditions have been wonderful.

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