Wednesday, 4 February 2009

What's been happening!

Hebridean Pursuits took the 'Excite' pupils from Oban Hi School to the 'Ice Factor' for a days wall climbing as an introduction before further adventures outside in the spring. Everyone really challenged themselves on the wall and we are now looking forward to real cragging.

Andy , Dr Niel, Donald and Dr Mark had a long two and a half hour walk in to find shelter and 200m of fantastic grade 3 ice. They climbed Loch Dubh Waterslide which is next to Wee Team Gully [not in ]. This fine and remote venue offers much potential of ice and snow routes. There is wee shed to shelter in at the lochside, which is always a bonus!

Mark and Andy found reasonable conditions in West Gully, Grade 3 just after New Year. Parties were walking out complaining nothing was in condition, we had to check and it paid off! Ice screws were used all the way on the fine fluted formations of the left hand finish. Its a fine stepped route, often snow covered when its a grade easier, however if snow lies in corrie floor it is likely to to be in! Search and you will find!

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