Thursday, 26 February 2009

Winter is returning soon!

The Etive Slabs with Ben Starav in the background, Andy on the classic Spartan Slab. No midge, no rain just perfection on warm sun washed rock, no need to rush this one. pic D.King.
Surf kayaking offers a challenging combination of surf boarding skills and kayaking skills. We have some of the best surf breaks in Europe and a couple are world class! We will back out very soon as the water is warming up and its still really quiet [ never gets busy]...

Coasteering has become very popular on our coastline, the combination of climbing, jumping and swimming is a mix of adrenalin and adventure!

Donald King exploring Mulls fine granite bouldering, have mat will travel and the late winter is ideal for this sport, warm sunshine and gentle breezes offer the perfect combination for some epic sessions.

Dave Eaton, high up in the hills, back packing over Munro's at this time of year has an Alpine feel to it, old snow, new grass appearing and the animals returning to high pasture give a heady mix of atmosphere.

We are being promised a return to cold and wintry weather this week coming. This brief warm spell is not uncommon, and folk are still finding interesting climbs and mountaineering routes high up. March and April are often the best months to explore the highlands. Longer days, warmer sunshine and diverse wildlife to spot all add up to two of the best months of the year up here.

Here are some photos of late winter, early Spring in Scotland, both on land and sea. We have some of the best surf, most challenging sea kayaking, breath taking mountain walking and esoteric bouldering that rivals anywhere in the world!

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