Thursday, 20 January 2011

A fantastic last day on Cairngorm for Devon College, students.

Just amazing at the office today!
Happy Andy.

Laid back Danny on Cairngorm's summit.

Pile up snow shelter. Stage one, Cover all the rucksacks with loads of snow. Stage two, tunnel in and pull them all out and stage 3, hollow out inside and hey presto you have a nice shelter you can sit in.

What a descent off Cairngorm.

Today was spectacular in The Cairngorms for the students'! No clouds, just wall to wall sun shine. The snow pack on the plateau is brick hard and the climbing looks brilliant. We ascended Cairngorm from the Ciste carpark and during the ascent visited a variety of venues to practice skills and build 'cover up snow shelters' and we covered some winter navigation skills. Descending from 1141m in the evening warm sunlight was a particularly enjoyable for the students and us, as these days should be savoured.
Home to the west coast tonight and back out working next week, hopefully this high pressure will last a while and the neve is as good in Glencoe.

Before then, I am taking four three year olds to the Ice Factor for a toddlers climbing session, should be interesting!