Thursday, 13 January 2011

Very wet in Glencoe for MIC Short Roping Training.

Wet Office!

Today I headed up to the Glencoe Ski slopes with Jamie and Gillian to run through some short roping techniques before their respective MIC assessments. It was really very inclement up there and a world apart from the Alpine conditions of two days ago! So a fast lift up on the chair gave us plenty of scope for steep wee crags, bulges and snow slopes to workshop the 'black art' of short roping.

Despite the wet warm deluge we had a great few hours trying out all manner of ideas and techniques.
We escaped some what soggy to The very nice Glencoe Cafe, the Carrot Cake was as good as the other day! I highly recommend a stop if passing.

A few hardy skiers were braving the conditions and I spotted at least one local guides car at the walk into the Buachaille, some working day; But maybe we have been spoilt over the last few weeks?