Sunday, 30 January 2011

Jan 30th, Race against the weather.

Today was an atmospheric day in the mountains. The forecast offered a window of good conditions this morning and into the afternoon. We made the most of the slot. Waking up the damp, spring like conditions didn't inspire confidence in the day ahead, but as with allot of days out it improved as we ascended. The light today was very strange, thin sheets cloud filtered bright sun and gave off a low glow. On reaching 500m we encountered frozen surfaces and hoar on the rocks. On the summit winter was with us and it certainly gave the pupils experience of bitter wind chill. By the time we were down it was raining hard and feeling very overcast. Navigation and route choice were on today's menu, along with 'what ifs?' and emergency procedures. The Pupils really put in a big effort today, the ground was hard to walk on and descending was tricky given the frozen ground. I have had a fun weekend with some really motivated young people, I hope they continue to go out into the hills? Thanks guy's. For AALS licenced winter skills and climbing courses check out