Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wee Wander for the afternoon.

This afternoon I had a short but lovely ramble up into some more hills I have never been in before, near Oban. A sunny crisp morning got me all excited, however the forecast was correct as it has turned into a snowy afternoon and a cold dark evening.
I had a wander up Beinn Molurgainn 609m, which is west of Beinn Bhreac 708m, which i was ski touring on the other day. Once in there it felt really remote, considering it is only 15 mins from Oban. I followed the long sw ridge of Molurgainn to its summit and a great view of Loch Etive. The sky was Prussian blue over Mull, signaling the incoming weather, so a brisk dash back to the glen and lovely walk down the fine River Esragan that runs through it. I spotted a Golden Eagle, loads of Deer and Kestrel hunting for its evening meal. A gentle afternoon is in some very charming hills.
This area, [if we get a large dump of snow] will offer a great circular ski tour taking in all the tops as you go. Ironically this evening we have had 3 inches of fresh snow in Oban, bring it on!
An evening skin around town might be a wheeze!