Thursday, 6 January 2011

Les Oban Alps Ski Tour.

Today has been spring like on the West Coast, Oban and the surrounding area is bathed in warmish sunshine.
Yesterday allot of fresh snow fell on the hills around Oban and with sub zero temperatures over night I had a hunch that the snow would remain in the local hills. So early this morning I headed out to the locally reliable Barcaldine Forrest area. Gleann Salach and Beinn Bhreac 708m hold snow well and remain very cold late into the morning. The sun didn't reach the Glen until 10.30am today.
Snow lay on the road and verges all the way from just above Barcaldine and up into the Forrest tracks, from there 1 kilometre up the hill and a short romp over the bleached heather where new snow covers the ground and a couple of 'K' to Beinn Bhreac's well placed summit. The views from there are wonderful, Beinn Sgulard to the North East, Ben Cruachan and out West to the islands and Mull's larger peaks.
I love the contrast between sea and snow, it's ephemeral nature leaves these experiences to chance, like surfing you have to grab the opportunity when its there! Hopefully this will not be the last of the local snow in 'Les Oban Alps' this winter?

Next week I will back working in the mountains of Glencoe and then a contrast of six days work in the Cairngorms and it's vast plateau. Being Outside in Scotland, rocks!